• Wheelchair Accessible
  • Digital Touchscreen Monitor
  • Fits all Manual Wheelchairs
  • Split and single rollers for tailored workout
  •  Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Backward and Forward Push
  • Safe and Independent clamping system
  • USB port for progress tracking with WiFi capabilities 
  • Removable Ramp Included



 To assist organizations with creating a more accessible and inclusive environment where everyone receives access and an equal opportunity. 


 Through individualized evaluation, we provide you with tools to ensure your organization is at the forefront of disability inclusion. Areas of expertise: ADA, Adaptive Infrastructure, Adaptive Recreation, Data Dissemination, DEI, and Organizational Change Management. Find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter @investinaccess or                         connect with our CEO directly:            angela@invest-in-access.com.  


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The inventors of the Ultimate Workout and Recovery (UWAR) Complete Home Gym started with just a product. They realized the need to create an all-in-one exercise unit that could be used by mobility-challenged individuals – particularly with conditions or injuries that required them to be bed-bound or wheelchair-bound. With that goal in mind, they invented the UWAR Complete Home Gym. However, the euphoria they felt in designing and producing this product soon turned to a sense of frustration when they realized that many of the individuals who needed their product the most, could not afford it.


 The mission of the Atlantic Coast Medical Equipment Services Association, (ACMESA) is to promote leadership, education and networking for our members. We pledge to advocate for customers and patients with integrity to provide value and comfort in the communities we live and serve. 


The Atlantic Coast Exposition is dedicated to providing professional growth by sponsoring a comprehensive trade show exhibit and timely educational programs, offering opportunities to develop a network of industry resources, maintaining an established tradition of gracious hospitality and promoting the goals of the three sponsoring state associations (NCVA, SCVA and VAMA) as defined by each association's representatives to the ACE planning committee.


More than fifty years ago, William Wendt, Sr. founded Van Products' parent organization, Orthopedic Service Company, in Raleigh, North Carolina. In 1974, Van Products, Inc. was formed. The company’s purpose? To meet the specialized transportation and growing mobility requirements of physically challenged individuals.  

Larry's Story



Dawn broke over Horse Ridge lighting up Millican Valley, 25 miles east of Bend, Oregon. It was September 26, 1982, and the dust already lay in a suspended sheet in the crisp desert air, stirred up by nervous riders, doing last minute testing.  September! That is no time for desert racing but I wasn't going to miss out. 

When the start time arrived, 300 riders stood over their silent mounts waiting for the gun to report. The world went dead silent except for the clicking of recoiling kick starters from riders trying to keep their engines tight on the compression stroke. Dead engine start. With the blast of a 12 gauge, a gnashing hoard of racers pounded through the sage and lava rock, heading for a distant point marking the trail head and the start of a 100-mile off-road race.

My little 250 Husqvarna couldn't quite match the power of the open class bikes in the sand and silt. I found myself unable to see the ground in front of me because of the dust and was reading the terrain over the shoulders of the riders in front of me. I never saw it coming. The rear end of my bike kicked up and hit me in the tail so hard it knocked me over the handle bars.

I could have written the book on how to crash gracefully, but this time I didn't get launched clear off. I found myself sliding over the bars at 50 miles an hour, staring at the spokes in the front wheel and trying to keep my hands clear with no chance of a controlled impact. No, I did not get a chance to plan my landing. I hit chest down in the sage and lava rock. My T-5 was broken and that was that.

Okay! Now what? After rehab, it became apparent that staying in any sort of shape was not going to be all that easy. Exercising in a chair in rural Oregon just doesn't work that well. Finding a suitable location, getting there, waiting for weather, are all ways to justify becoming lazy in a chair regardless of who you think you are. 

There is always an excuse. It's too wet! It's too hot! It's too cold! Temperature, in fact, is a huge deal. Many people don't realize that most people with spinal cord injuries don't sweat from the break point down. It is like a car running with a dry radiator. 

I pondered what to do to make exercising easier.

One day, while at the DEQ back when they put your vehicle on a roller while measuring your emissions, BANG! I had it. The Paramill was born. This beautiful machine lets you exercise in the comfort of indoors, though your distance and terrain are limitless. The neat thing is you don't need anyone to assist you getting on or off. This is your own private road. 

If you're in a wheelchair, this treadmill is for you. I hope you enjoy my invention, born from my years of research and development. I certainly do!      

Sincerely, Larry Pestes, Inventor

“Leave The Road Behind”




  “Wheelers’ Paramill had quick and efficient service!”   Stefanie Veno, M.S. CCC-SLP, CBIS Rehabilitation Therapies UNC Hospital  

  The Wheeler’s Paramill is an innovative machine in the area of adaptive recreation and athletics. There are other products available that can provide stationary pushing for wheelchairs, but none that incorporate the technology that the Paramill does. Being able to easily monitor your speed and RPMs is a huge asset. In addition, you have the ability to alter resistance to run programs to mimic training on hills or specific road courses. It is a great tool for creating a training regiment by allowing the user to create a tailor-made training program as well as evaluate push mechanics.

 Best Regards, Steven Toyoji  

 I have recently had the opportunity to demo the new and improved version of the Paramill and was thrilled with the ease of use and the workout I obtained!  I have little to no trunk control and I was able to independently attach to my wheelchair for stability while pushing and the capacity of machine to allow me to push backwards, in reverse, to use opposite muscle groups felt great and opened and expanded my chest wall. I love that I can use this indoors, and not have to worry about street dirt, weather, crime or broken sidewalks/streets!  I was sore the next day and it felt great to be able to improve my strength and endurance.  All rec centers, apartment and condos and public gyms should carry this great equipment for the “wheelers” in the community!

-Deborah Davis Pushliving

 The special needs gym that I work out at was recently able to have a wheelers paramill donated to the gym for our wheelchair members use. I have been so pleased at the cardio and strength workout that I am able to receive using this machine. I especially like working the available programs to help me to have goals to achieve to help improve my overall fitness. Thanks Wheelers Paramill for the great technology. 
-Terry Lewis


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